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Another Rallye Story

Upon request we will send you a copy of a local newspaper articles for another perspective on gimmick rallyes – a sport unique to Chicago. We have some articles posted on this website.

Upcoming Rallyes

See our Calendar of Events. If you give us your information we will be happy to add you to our mailing lists. Please give both your E-mail address and normal mailing address. You can E-mail us your information (name and address). Also the contact phone number for our next event is on our next event flyer page.

CRC Schedule

There are other rallyes put on by Chicago Rallye Central rallye teams this year. Upon request we will send you the complete schedule with phone numbers that you can call to get specific details about each rallye, including those put on by CRC rallye teams other than Brand-X. CRC Schedule.

CRC Rules and Procedures

Brand-X Rallye Team, as a member of Chicago Rallye Central (CRC), adheres to standard rules and safety procedures established by consensus over 30 years of experience and more than 600 rallyes produced (over 250 by Brand-X alone). These rules, procedures, and CRC’s mission statement are detailed elsewhere. CRC Standard Rules & Mission Statement The CRC logo on our rallye team’s publicity is a pledge that the our rallye team adheres to these standards.